It was only a few weeks ago at work when I was in deep discussion with a colleague, Jackson, about what it is to drive a new car in today’s world. We sat in the canteen eating our prawn and cucumber salads, washing them down with cartons of sparkling water, whilst discussing the motors we drive and the potential vehicles available to us. It wasn’t long before other colleagues came and got involved with the debate. Jackson drives a Ford Ka contract hire car.

The scariest part of this whole chat for me was the fact I was basically blown off my feet – I really had not got a Scooby doo about leasing or contract hire, it was time for me to knuckle down and learn.

Firstly, the fact that you do not pay in full for the car up front is a real plus point in my book. If you wanted to drive a brand new Ford Ka and purchase the vehicle outright from a dealership, you’d be looking at tens of thousands of pounds. On the other hand with a personal contract hire Ford Ka you would pay a much smaller initial deposit, followed by affordable monthly repayments – all for the same vehicle.

Secondly you would not have to worry about depreciation with a lease Ford agreement. For some people there is no greater feeling on this planet than signing ownership papers for a new car, however they are usually oblivious to the forthcoming worry of residual values. This is not a factor when leasing as you simply return the car at the end of your term and as long as it has not suffered any significant damage you will not be hit with any charges.

Additionally, when Duncan came over to the table to have his input he told us that he actually got his car through his company. He said that people in the position to do so should look at Ford Ka business car leasing deals to see if they could save money on personal agreements.

The only thing I am suggesting that potential car buyers do is give leasing the time of day, by no means am I saying that it is the perfect solution for everybody. There are many different options available so it is likely that something affordable can be found, and there is peace of mind to be had when comparing to buying a car new in full.