The Ford Ka Reviewed

Ford is known for mass producing everyday average cars but they have stepped out of the box somewhat with the introduction of the Ka. The Ka is a hot new supermini that is much more fun than its predecessor and its stylish exterior is a head turner.

The Ka comes available with a choice of designs and body kits, and the optional large alloy wheels look better than the standard ones. The StreetKa has targeted girls as the market of choice, and the SportKa is designed to attract boys. The Ka faces extreme competition within its market.

The Ka has a zippy little engine that is capable of holding its own when pushed. Although the Ka doesn’t boast great fuel economy it is a really fun car to drive. During long journeys the engine and road noise can become bothersome.

Cabin space is decent for front passengers but is somewhat limited for rear passengers. The cabin design is practical but some of the plastics used are hard and shiny and tend to look cheap, especially in contrast with the quality of the leather seats.

In the right color the Ka is able to compete effectively in both style and performance with big name favorites. Insurance on the Ka is affordable even among younger drivers which makes it even more intriguing.


The Ka is a very reasonably priced car especially considering what the buyer gets in terms of style and performance. Insurance rates are low but fuel economy is not very good at all. The Ka is a thirsty car especially when driven hard. Maintenance and repair costs should be minimal as with most other Fords.

The Ka provides adequate front passenger space with good head and legroom for most average sized passengers. Rear passenger space is much more limited and adults riding in the rear will only be comfortable on short journeys. Boot space is also limited and the glovebox is phenomenally small.

The car’s steering wheel and gear shift have a sports car feel to them, and the main dials and controls are easy to use and functional. All of the controls and displays work but the cabin has a cheap feel and look.

Front seats adjust for driver and passenger comfort; they’re a good size and provide plenty of support. Road noise is significant and increases with speed, but the engine is impressively quiet even at higher speeds.

Access to the front seats is very good. Most passengers will not have any difficulty gaining access to the front. The rear is another story however, and access is much more restricted. Most adults will find it a tight sqeeze gaining access to the rear seats. The problem is worsened by the low roofline that limits headroom.

The Ka is a very small car and is easy to park. Steering is super light at low speeds and assists in maneuvering the car into even the tiniest of spaces.

The Finishing Touches

The Ka comes equipped with a basic stereo unit. The unit provides adequate sound quality and upgrades are available on the options list. Most young drivers will probably opt for the upgrade which consists of a six-disc changer unit.

The Ka looks very good in some colors but not good at all in others. The best choice for the Ka is Imperial Blue. The car comes standard with fabric interior trim. Some versions come with leather seats in racing blue. Cabin plastics are hard and cheap and detract from the otherwise nice-looking interior design.


The Ka is a fun car to drive and offers excellent value for money. The car has more than enough power to impress even the strongest critic in its class. Its variety of designs and power will be appealing to the younger crowd, and its low insurance rates will be an extra bonus.