The Ford StreetKa

The Ford StreetKa was an immediate hit and even managed to beat out much of the competition. Ford successfully marketed the car to a good portion of female buyers. The StreetKa added a convertible to Ford’s long list of roofed cars and gave the original Ka fresh and much needed boost.

The StreetKa is very popular not so much with manly men as it is with women. The car is cute, fun to drive and affordable. The StreetKa can be seen by women of all ages as a fashion accessory that is also an affordable and practical mode of transportation.

The StreetKa is not a sports vehicle, but the underpinnings have been improved to offer a tad bit more performance. The 1.6-litre engine is not capable of delivering any real power surges that could get someone in real trouble, but it does adequately power the car.

The car is designed mostly for looks and doesn’t have any real performance ideas. However, the car has some really neat features, such as sporty tailpipes that are really rear fog lights, the real tailpipe is hidden. Despite the leather additions to the cabin the cabin still lacks a quality feel and is reminiscent of its predecessors.


The StreetKa is more expensive than its predecessor was. This is due largely to the fact that it has a better engine and a folding roof. The StreetKa is still more reasonably priced than most of the competition. The StreetKa returns good fuel economy and parts and maintenance are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Insurance costs are uncertain but resale value is high.

Beneath the roof device is enough room for a golf bag and between the seats is a lockbox for keeping valuables out of sight. Other than that there really isn’t any more room for storage. Seating is adequate and seats are supportive, but it is a small car.

The Ka’s interior controls have been kept to the basics, with limited space ruling the car’s controls. The controls and displays are functional and large enough to use and read. There is one really neat feature though. The car sports an interlinked speed, rev, and fuel counter with on black graphics. 

The driver and passenger seats are sports seats trimmed in either fabric or leather as an option. Leather is suggested for durability. Seats are slightly lower than the StreetKa’s predecessor to enhance the sporty look and feel of the car. The car delivers a choppy ride and road and engine noise can be loud at times especially at faster speeds.
Accessibility to the Ka is reasonable. Seats sit down lower and require a little bit of adjustment but shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Most average sized passengers should fit comfortably, but taller passengers may find the wind screen too close.

The StreetKa is a very simple car to park. With the top down it offers superb visibility. The car is small and easy to maneuver into tight spaces, and the front and rear are so short that it is easy to judge distance even with a lower riding position.

Life Style

The StreetKa is not a fast car, but it is a very attractive fun car to drive. The modest b1.6-litre engine is not geared for performance, but it adequately powers the Ka and a relaxing drive with the top down still manages to turn a lot of heads.

The StreetKa is not a family car. The little, two seater could not carry groceries or even the kids for that matter. It could be used as a fun second vehicle or a commuter car for Mum.

This would make a great first vehicle especially for a girl. It is not too powerful and gets good gas mileage. On the other hand, the roof makes the car vulnerable, and there isn’t adequate boot space available to hold many shopping bags so other options may be better suited as a first car.

The StreetKa is a much improved version of the original Ka. Though the StreetKa still supports the same bonnet and headlights it is unlikely that buyers will see too many other resemblances in exterior style. The car’s image appeals mostly to females and there are very few male StreetKa owners or even drivers.

Security and Safety

The car’s soft-top makes it vulnerable to break-ins and car thieves. That’s why Ford has outfitted the car’s cabin with a sensing alarm. Hard-tops are a cost option and not nearly as fun. A good secure garage is essential to enjoying this vehicle.

The car’s seats come equipped with roll over hoops, and dual front airbags come standard with the car. Side airbags are an optional add-on. The car has an anti-lock braking system and an electronic brake force distribution system as well.

The Finishing Touches

The StreetKa comes with a stereo/CD player and four integrated loud speakers. Sound quality is very good but for those who are not satisfied there is always the optional upgrade which consists of an in dash six-CD player.

The cabin consists of predominantly dark colors and a lot of black. There are a few metal touches including the ball on the gearshifter and the ring around the car’s clock. The cabin looks a little dated Leather upholstery helps to give the cabin a much needed lift. Bright colors suit the car’s exterior personality and add to the car’s character.


The StreetKa kept all of the proven performance factors and kept them, improving in the areas of style and class. The Streetka is definitely a head turner despite not having any real sporting capabilities. The extremely reasonable purchase price makes it all the more attractive.